Sword Group | New Win in BeLux

Sword Group | New Win in BeLux

Sword Group | New Win in BeLux

Sword Technologies S.A., a Sword Group company, as member of the OneCode consortium, has signed a 54 million EUR Framework Contract with the European Parliament for the development and maintenance of dissemination information systems

Increase in backlog + €54m

Sword Technologies S.A., as leader of the OneCode consortium, comprising Everis Spain S.L.U., Arhs Developments S.A. and Sogeti Luxembourg S.A., has been trusted for the implementation of the ITEC-ITS19-Lot2 framework contract related to the « Development and Maintenance of Dissemination Information Systems » of the European Parliament, European Union Institutions and Agencies.

The ITS19-Lot2 is a 4-year framework contract with a total value of about 54 million EUR that covers the provision of services for the analysis, design, consultancy, development, deployment and maintenance activities, both from the editorial and technical point of view. These services are related to Internet and Intranet domains such as publishing applications, websites, portals, content management, search engines, collaboration services, social networking and open data, including also the back offices directly interfaced with the dissemination systems.

« Following the successful 6-year delivery of similar services for the European Parliament, Sword and its subsidiary Tipik, one of the Top Communication Agency in Europe, will have once again the opportunity to show why we are entrusted in the most critical and demanding services concerning publication, communication and information dissemination contracts in Europe. » said Dieter ROGIERS, Managing Director of Sword Technologies S.A and Tipik Communication Agency S.A.


28/07/21 2021 Second Quarter Revenue

09/09/21 H1 2021 results presentation meeting (organisation to be defined)

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