Pro Accelerator 500€ / month

500,00 / month



Specific offer for Accelerators, Incubators and Tech Transfers / TTO : give access to our All Sectors Investors Databses to all your startups for 500€ / month .

Get full access to all sectors databases (Venture Capital, Family Offices, Business Angels, etc.). You can modify the Databases to comment and track your discussion with investors. You’re allowed to export, download or copy/paste the Databases to be used after your subscription period. Your subscritpion to the All Sectors Databases will be automatically renewed every month. To stop your subscription, just send us an email at with your User Number and we’ll stop your subscription the following month (every started month is due).

With this “Pro Accelerator 500€ / month subscription” you’ll get access to All Sectors Databases. Here is a link to the DEMO version of those databases to check last updates on our databases : and .


How can I access to my databases after the subscription ?

We’ll send you by email your personal Access Link and Password. We’ll use the same email you provided during your purchase process to send you all those informations.

What is my “personal Access Link”?

Your personal Access Link is your personal webpage where your database will be located. You’ll receive it by email after you completed your purchase on our website. This page is protected by a Password that will be also sent to you by email (with the same email you provided during your purchase process).

How can I give access to all my startups ? 

Just send us the name of the startup and the email of the person in charge in this specific startup and we’ll send them a personal access link to those databases. Every startup will then be able to use the databases independently of the others.

If you have any questions about Invesder or our Investors databases, please consult our FAQs or contact us.