Result of EGM

Result of EGM

Result of EGM

For Immediate Release

Providence Resources P.l.c.

Result of Extraordinary General Meeting

Dublin and London – 23 February 2021 – On 27 January 2021, Providence Resources P.l.c., (“Providence” or the “Company”) the Irish Energy Company, whose shares are quoted in London (AIM) and Dublin (Euronext Growth Market), is pleased to announce that, at its Extraordinary General Meeting held earlier today, the Resolutions set out in the Circular dated 27 January 2021 were duly passed. The results of the Poll of the meeting are set out below.

Special Resolution 1 – To approve the Migration of the Migrating Shares to Euroclear Bank’s central securities depository  

Vote Type Voted Voted % % of Issued Share Capital Voted
For 317,812,949 99.93%  
Against 223,259 0.07%  
Total Voted 318,036,208 100% 35.70%
Votes Withheld 27,197    

Special Resolution 2 – To amend the Articles of Association of the Company

Vote Type Voted Voted % % of Issued Share Capital Voted
For 317,813,670 99.93%  
Against 222,159 0.07%  
Total Voted 318,035,829 100% 35.70%
Votes Withheld 27,576    

Ordinary Resolution 3 – To authorise the Directors to take necessary or desirable actions for the purposes of the migration

Vote Type Voted Voted % % of Issued Share Capital Voted
For 317,812,450 99.93%  
Against 223,159 0.07%  
Total Voted 318,035,699 100% 35.70%
Votes Withheld 27,646    

Accordingly, as the resolutions have been passed, the Directors will proceed with the migration to the Euroclear central depository system and all associated paperwork.

Application has been made for acceptance onto the Euroclear system and the last day of trading on CREST is due to be the 21 March 2021. After this date, all settlements will be on the Euroclear Depository system.

Terms and conditions used in this announcement have the meaning ascribed to them in the announcement of 27 January 2021 unless the context requires otherwise.




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