We propose High quality & Manually curated Healthcare Databases (investors, companies, distributors, CRO / CDMO, etc.).

Healthcare Databases

With all our subscription models you’ll get:

  • Full access to a +1000 Healthcare Investors Database to find potential investors
  • Full access to a +900 Healthcare Companies Database to find potential partners
  • Full access to a +400 Healthcare Distributors Database to find potential distributors
  • Full access to a CRO & CDMO Database to find potential service providers
  • Full access to a Preclinical Results Database to compare your in-vivo data to existing results in the same animal models
  • Diffusion of all your PR / events / licensing opportunities on our Website + Social Media + Newsletter

We propose several kind of subscription models to access those databases:

  • PRO Healthcare : Get full access to the Healthcare Investors Database & Healthcare Companies Database & other databases. Monthly updated with new investors and companies. You can modifity the Investors Database with your personal comments to track your discussion with investors. You can export, download or copy/paste the Investors Database and Companies Database for your personal use after the end of your subscription period. Your access to the Healthcare databases will be automatically stoped at the end of your subscription period. 2 options : 100€ for 1 month subscription to PRO Healthcare OR 790€ for 1 year subscription to PRO Healthcare .

Our databases cover all aspects of Healthcare : Pharma, Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics. Digital Health, Digital Therapeutics, etc.