LDV Capital Raises $24M Third Fund To Continue Investing in Early-Stage Businesses Powered by Visual Technologies

LDV Capital – the only venture capital firm with a thesis of investing in people building businesses powered by visual technologies, announced it raised its third fund with $24M. LDV invests at the earliest stages of businesses including seed, pre-seed and often invests in deep tech teams at the prototype stage.

LDV Capital Raises $24M Third Fund To Continue Investing in Early-Stage Businesses Powered by Visual Technologies

IPOs of Snap, Pinterest, Zoom, Roblox and valuable exits like Instagram, YouTube, Ring, and many others show that businesses powered by visual technologies are creating significant value for investors,” says LDV Capital’s Founder and General Partner Evan Nisselson, a renowned thought leader in the visual tech space for over 25 years. “These successes are the tip of the iceberg in regards to business opportunities for visual technologies to solve problems, entertain, increase efficiencies, make money, and hopefully improve the world that we live in.

LDV Capital’s third fund investors include international fund-of-funds, an endowment, a sovereign wealth fund, family offices, entrepreneurs, deep tech experts and employees of Fortune 500 companies.

LDV Capital was our first investor in Mapillary which was acquired by Facebook in 2020,” says serial entrepreneur and computer vision expert Jan Erik Solem, a co-founder of Mapillary, an LDV Expert in Residence, and LDV investor. “They were a tremendous value add to our Mapillary team from our first prototype to our acquisition by Facebook. Their visual technology focus, strong conviction, exceptionally strong network and hands-on collaboration make them great investors and I highly recommend them to fellow entrepreneurs.” 

The firm was founded by Evan Nisselson in 2012 after building four visual technology startups over 18 years in Silicon Valley, New York, and Europe.

Abigail Hunter-Syed joined LDV Capital in February 2017 as Director of Operations and Platform. Two years later, she was promoted to VP of Operations and in 2020, to Partner. 

We invest across all enterprise and consumer verticals where visual tech has the most potential to improve businesses and, hopefully, our world. There are tremendous opportunities for visual tech across healthcare, security, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, logistics, transportation, and more. I’m highly interested in the ways visual tech is powering the democratization of content creation and driving global connectivity,” says Abigail Hunter-Syed, Partner at LDV Capital. Her monthly Women Leading Visual Tech interview series showcase researchers, technologists, investors and inventors whose work in visual tech is reshaping business and society.

Peter Stern joined the team in February 2020 as a Venture Partner. He is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Datek Online then sold it in a multi-Billion dollar merger to form the second-largest brokerage firm in 2003. He was also the founder of Zenbe which sold to Facebook and an executive at other technology businesses. He used to build LiDAR devices in his basement and for the military. He is also the current CEO of Voyant Photonics – an LDV portfolio company that creates the next generation of chip-scale LiDAR.


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