Find Investors

We’re 100% transparent with the quality of our database. Here is the DEMO version of our investors database:

Find Investors – from Invesder

Each cell filled in the DEMO version with “XXXXXXXXX” will be filled with relevant info in your personal database. By using this DEMO version of our database you’ll be able to know exactly how many investors matching your criteria are in our database.


At the Top of the database, you can filter the whole database to match exactly your investment criteria.

% Filled

At the buttom of each column in the database, you can find the percentage of this column filled with relevant info (“Filled x%”).

How can I access to my personal Invesder – Investors Finder database?

We’ll send you by email your personal Access Link + Access Password. We’ll use the email you provided during your purchase.

How long will it take to get access to my Invesder – Investors Finder database?

You should receive your personal Access Link + Access Password by email within 48H. If you don’t receive it within 48H please send us an email at contact [ at ] .

How frequently are updated the databases?

Our databses are updated on a weekly basis. New content is added every week.

Can I propose some content to be added to your database (investors, tools, companies, etc.)?

Yes, sure! Just fill the corresponding form and we ‘ll add it if it’s not already included in our database: add an Investor or add an Incubator / Accelerator or add an Entrepreneurs Tools or add a Healthcare company or add a Healthcare distributor or add a CRO / CDMO .

Find Investors – from Invesder